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Filing a Post-Judgment on Alimony Payments After Your Ex’s Situation Changes

During divorce proceedings, the judge may make a ruling on alimony, and that ruling is intended to last throughout the entirety of that judgment; however, circumstances can change – and sometimes drastically.

Fortunately, the state of Florida allows divorced parties to petition for a post-judgment modification of spousal support if alimony was awarded at the time of divorce.

What to know about filing a post-judgment modification

The state of Florida allows for post-judgment rulings in alimony payments if there has been a “substantial change to one’s circumstances.” A substantial change is one that could not have been anticipated at the time of the court’s initial ruling.

A few examples may include receiving a financial windfall, experiencing health issues, getting remarried, or cohabitating with another person (yes, moving back in with your college roommate counts, though family members  do not constitute a supportive relationship). These and many other scenarios may warrant a change of circumstance and post-judgment modification.

Why you should seek legal representation if pursuing a post-judgment modification

Whether it’s a change to your situation or your ex’s, going through the process of post-judgment modification can be just as stressful and time-consuming as the divorce process itself was. It can also be extremely complicated, especially when it comes to Florida law regarding alimony.

Be sure you have the legal representation you deserve. At Vasquez de Lara Law Group, we’re experts in Florida family law and can help you through the process of filing a post-judgment modification if your or your ex’s situation changes. Get in touch today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation.