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What is the difference between legal and physical custody?

Physical custody refers to a parent’s right to have their child living in their physical home. Legal custody deals with the parent’s right to make decisions for their child, such as who their doctor is and where they’ll go to school. Parents in Florida can share both physical and legal custody of their children.

When parents cannot agree on custody, how does the court decide?

Florida courts base custody orders on a variety of factors, but with the overall consideration of the child’s best interest. Each parent’s ability to provide for the child, any special needs that the child has, domestic violence history, and the child’s preference all play a role in the court’s decision.

Are mothers more likely to be awarded custody over fathers?

Statistically speaking, mothers are awarded custody more often than fathers in the event of divorce or parents who are not living together. This is often based on the child’s preference, but the percentage of custodial fathers in Florida is rising more and more every year.

Can fathers win custody in Florida? What are my rights?

In recent years, the state of Florida has made big strides toward achieving equality for fathers when it comes to court rulings regarding their children. Fathers in Florida have the right to visitation, time-sharing, and decision-making, as long as these rights don’t conflict with the child’s best interest.