For many people, “divorce” is synonymous with images of Hollywood dramas where couples and their lawyers duke it out in courtrooms with heavy word-slinging and even heftier fees. Yes, this does happen. After all, there is a lot at stake during divorce and emotions will run high. But there is another way.


Uncontested divorces in Florida


An uncontested divorce, or a simplified dissolution of marriage, occurs when both parties can reach an out-of-court agreement on issues, such as:


  • The division of property, assets, and debt
  • Spousal support
  • Child support
  • Time-sharing, parenting plans, and shared parental responsibilities


Uncontested divorces are simpler (and less costly) because all of these divorce-related issues can be resolved out of court. This means you can avoid lengthy court hearings as well as the fees associated with those lengthy hearings and litigation.


When minor children are involved, there are more decisions needed to be made, which can make an uncontested divorce more challenging to pursue, but not impossible. Attorneys and mediators can step in to help with negotiation and dispute resolution.


How long does it take to finalize an uncontested divorce in Florida?


Uncontested divorces can be finalized much more quickly than those requiring litigation. In order to file for an uncontested divorce, the couple must complete the necessary paperwork and detail the specifics of their arrangement in the marital settlement agreement document.


Once the divorce petition and paperwork have been filed by a Florida divorce attorney, final judgment may be issued within as little as a month.


If you and your spouse agree on your divorce issues, pursuing an uncontested divorce can be a faster and less expensive alternative to litigation. For help understanding your options as it relates to Florida family law, get in touch with our team at Vasquez de Lara Law Group.


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