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How Divorce Has Changed for Men, Especially Fathers, in the Past Decade

The traditional (and now antiquated) view of marriage – where men were the breadwinners and women the caretakers – has deep roots in our culture. These roots that first took hold within the framework of a marriage have also had implications for families going through divorce – and particularly the men in those situations. 

It’s not until more recently that we, as a society, are starting to shake off the dirt from these old ways of thinking and prioritize equity for both men and women during divorce.

Then and Now: How Divorce Has Changed for Men

For men, and specifically for fathers, the circumstances surrounding divorce outcomes have generally improved. Whereas even as few as 10 years ago, the prospect of gaining custody of your children may have been a pipe dream for some, court decisions today are much more equitable regardless of the type of parenting arrangement families maintained during marriage.

Per Florida Statute §61.13, decisions on time sharing are made based on the well-being of the child. And in the eyes of the law, what’s best for the child most often than not is maintaining equal time with both parents. The days of every other weekend with a Wednesday sprinkled in here and there are long gone. 

Divorce Expectations for Men and Women

While the days of effectively leaving men out of the child-rearing landscape are changing as more women enter the workforce and men continue to take on greater responsibilities at home, men can still find it a struggle to gain equal footing when it comes to custody, despite laws intended to offer equity. 

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