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What documents should I gather in preparation for a divorce?

What is the difference between an annulment and a divorce in Florida?

My spouse cheated on me. How will this impact our divorce?

Which assets will NOT be included in the division of assets for my divorce?

How long is the divorce process in Florida?

What are some steps I can take to financially prepare myself for a divorce?

How is property handled in divorces in Florida?

What are the first steps I should take if I’m thinking about filing for divorce?

Do I always need an attorney if I’m getting divorced?

What is a marital settlement agreement?

How can I make the divorce process smoother and less stressful?

Do I have to have a reason in order to file for divorce in Florida?

What is alimony and how is alimony determined?

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Why Knowing Your Judge is Important In Florida Family Law Cases

We Broke Up. Now What Happens to Our Florida Business?

How is child support calculated in Florida?

How do I file for divorce in Florida?

Are common law marriages recognized in Florida?

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