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When Your Ex Won’t Comply with Time-Sharing

Nothing can feel more frustrating than dealing with an ex who is not complying with your court-ordered parenting plan and time-sharing arrangement. But more than just frustrating, it can put them in contempt of court.

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you are repeatedly struggling to get your ex to comply with your time-sharing plan, we can help, but it’s important to keep a few things in mind, especially for the sake of your children.

What to do When Your Ex is Violating Your Time-Sharing Agreement

Resist the temptation to retaliate – We get it. Your ex isn’t playing by the rules, so why should you? But one good reason to continue abiding by your time-sharing plan is for your children. When you and your ex start fighting, frequently those that get hurt the most are the kids. Moreover, poor behavior never looks good in court.

Continue communicating with your ex – Maybe your ex has a perfectly good reason for violating the time-sharing agreement (or maybe not!), but by talking it out, you may be able come up with a workable solution without involving the time and expense of the courts.

Consider your legal options – If post-judgment enforcement becomes necessary, we can discuss your legal options in terms of any petitions to the Florida family law courts. Contempt of a court order can lead to fines, potential jail time, suspension of driver’s license, or other punishments.

At the Vasquez de Lara Law Group, we’ll help you understand your options when it comes to enforcing your court-ordered parenting plan and time-sharing arrangement make sure you are receiving fair and adequate time with your child. Contact us today to schedule a case evaluation.