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Divorce is Never Easy. We Want You To Be Prepared.


Schedule Your Divorcing Dad’s Preparation Package

You’ve probably got questions about your specific divorce situation

  • What will you have to pay in child support?
  • What are you likely going to have to pay in alimony?
  • What are you likely to get in Timesharing with the kids?
  • How will your assets be divided?

That’s why we’ve developed a special service specifically for Divorcing Dads, that doesn’t require you to “file for divorce.”

This is NOT just a “consultation.”

We are going to:

  • Meet with you to go over you situation and gather your important information
  • Do a detailed analysis, calculate the numbers and run scenarios
  • Give you a full Two Hour Session with our attorneys and legal team to give you a full breakdown and our professional legal opinion on your situation and your best course of action, whether that’s to keep working on your marriage, creating a post-nuptial agreement, or filing for divorce

You’ll be able to make informed, rational decisions, and the power to choose and take action will be back in your hands.

We also know that there A LOT of other things you have to consider when facing a potential divorce.

That’s why the Divorcing Dad’s Preparation Package also includes:

  • Our Referral Concierge Service to help find professionals to help you with anything you may need, from realtors to financial and credit advisors and more
  • A counseling session with a licensed professional to help you process the stress and emotional turmoil you’re going through
  • Six hours with a virtual personal assistant to help keep track of the details, gather information, and use in any way that will support you through this

To Schedule an initial call with our team, ask your questions, and learn more about Divorcing Dad’s Preparation Package, use the scheduling link below.

Are you already sure you’re going to be going through the divorce?

If know you that divorce is the only option and want to schedule a free case evaluation with our team to see if we would be the best firm to represent you through the process, you can use this form. They’ll be able to help you and schedule a consultation with a member of our legal team.