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The Dos & Don’ts of Divorce: Part 1

How to Avoid Post-Judgment Issues

Getting a divorce means formally putting an end to the past, but divorce is about so much more than just the past. It’s about preparing yourself for the future as well.

When you and your spouse choose to split, there are some important things to plan so you can avoid potential issues down the road. In this next series of blog posts, we’ll look more specifically at some important dos and don’ts when it comes to getting a divorce in Florida. Up first is a look at avoiding post-judgment issues.

Ready to divorce? The dos and don’ts for avoiding post-judgment issues

A judge’s ruling on a divorce is meant to be final, but in so many instances couples end up right back in court just months or years after the divorce papers have been signed with yet another dispute to resolve. This means more money, more time, and more stress and anxiety.

Post-judgment modifications may be necessary, but many times they can be avoided altogether if you have the right family lawyer at your side from the beginning. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind:

DO understand what a post-judgment modification is.

A post-judgment modification is any change to a judgment after a final decision has been made in court. While post-judgment modifications can be difficult to obtain, they are not impossible but they do require a significant change of circumstances that is unanticipated, permanent, and involuntary.

DO know what can be modified post-judgment.

Things like alimony, child support, relocations, time sharing, and parental responsibilities can all be modified after a divorce, but there are certain conditions that must first be met before seeking a post-judgment modification.

DON’T expect just any attorney to be experienced with Florida family law issues.

Divorce laws vary by state, so not only do you need an attorney well-versed in local state law, you also need an attorney who focuses specifically on family law issues. Having an experienced divorce lawyer at your side will help you close the book on your last chapter of life and prepare you for your future in a way that helps avoid issues down the road.

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