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Staying Safe with Your Kids During Halloween

Ask any kid and they’re likely to say that Halloween ranks right up there as one of their favorite holidays of the year. Some even begin planning their costume months in advance. And we agree! Halloween is fun – the costumes, the parties, the spooky fun and, of course, all the candy.

But Halloween also carries some serious safety risks, especially as darkness sets in and kids begin wandering the streets. Below are a few safety tips families can follow to ensure that all the fun and fright stays safe:

  • Join your trick-or-treaters – Accompany your younger kids as they walk door-to-door. Not only is it fun for you, it’s also safer. You can also team up with another family as you make the rounds. If your kids are old enough to be out without supervision, make sure they stick to a familiar route, trick-or-treat in groups, and know their curfew. 
  • Review safety rules – Before hitting the sidewalk, talk to your kids about important safety rules, including sticking with the group, walking only on the sidewalks, never going inside a home or car for a treat, only approaching well-lit homes, and crossing streets carefully. If your child has a phone, make sure they bring it with them and also take a flashlight.
  • Be costume conscious – Make sure your child’s costume doesn’t obstruct their vision – you want them to be able to see where they are going! Consider face paint versus masks that could potentially cover their eyes. It’s also helpful to put reflective tape on their costume or trick-or-treat bag, or have them wear a glow stick so they’re more easily seen by others too. 
  • Evaluate the loot – One of the biggest thrills of Halloween is collecting all the candy, but before your kids dive in, inspect it. If any of the treats are unwrapped or loose, you shouldn’t eat them.

For divorced families, make sure to talk to your ex about any Halloween plans for your kids and discuss your safety concerns. It’s important to be on the same page about how your family will celebrate the holiday. If there are school-sponsored events or other activities, be sure to also communicate about any scheduling changes or disruptions that may affect the time-sharing calendar.