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Our focus at Vasquez de Lara Law Group is on the intricacies of Florida family law, and we can help your client through the stressful ordeal by pairing them with a family lawyer at our firm.

Here’s what we offer you and your clients through our referral program:

  • Extensive knowledge of Florida’s divorce and family law statutes
  • Highly-rated legal representation for your clients
  • An individualized approach to the nuances of each family law case
  • Time-saving benefits for you since you won’t have to practice in an area of Florida law that you don’t specialize in
  • English and Spanish bilingual staff to help communicate our legal aid to clients

How Will Referring to Us Benefit Your Firm?

Your firm has enough on its plate without diving into murky and high-stress practice areas you are not as familiar with, like divorce law and child custody disputes. We help our referral partners lessen the load.

By partnering with Vasquez de Lara Law Group, you can be sure that the clients you refer are in good legal hands. We have a great team of family lawyers with extensive knowledge of Florida’s family law statutes and they offer excellent service to both support and protect the client.

These referral relationships sound like a win-win situation all around, in our opinion.

How the Referral Partner Process Works

  • We will evaluate the case free of charge
  • We will meet with your client for a consultation to ensure we can help
  • We will file any petitions of divorce, paternity, or post-judgment, and legal paperwork on your client’s behalf
  • We will work through negotiations and mediation if needed to arrive at a settlement and represent your client in court if needed

Working With Florida Families is What We Do

Why choose Vasquez de Lara Law Group over other law firms?

Since we specialize in helping families through some of the most challenging times of their lives, we’re equipped to handle any case within the realm of Florida family law.

We make our clients and prospective clients feel comfortable every step of the way and with every aspect of their family law services. We also advocate for their rights to ensure they’re treated fairly throughout negotiations or trials. We make sure they can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we work to get them through the difficulties of family court.

Family Law Practice Areas We Handle

Marriage and Divorce Law

When a marriage ends, we understand that the divorce process can get ugly… and fast. Our process for handling divorces involves saving clients the most time, energy, and money by aiming for out-of-court settlements through negotiation. But we’re always ready to go to court when the other side is unreasonable and is trying to unfairly treat the client.

We work to carry the legal load for our clients so they can focus on what matters most – their children, their family, and themselves.

Paternity Matters

The stress of the unknown can be trying, and that’s why we stick by our clients’ sides for every step of the family law process, starting with paternity matters.

We walk clients through the process of establishing parental rights and advise them regarding their options when it comes to custody and support issues.

Family Solution Sessions

When family problems become legal problems, family solution sessions can help clients get professional legal advice by talking through their family issues, their legal options, and the possible outcomes for each legal action in a way that makes sense to them.

Child Custody

Parental responsibility is arguably the top concern for unmarried or divorcing parents. Deciding which parent will be the decision maker for a child, where the child will live, and other essential aspects of their life is often a heated discussion that leads to disputes.

A child custody lawyer can help preserve parental rights and ensure children’s best interest is kept at the forefront.

Child Support

Raising a child has become extremely expensive, even when the parents are married. When parents live separately, it can create even more of a financial struggle since two households are being managed.

Child support orders ensure each parent contributes equitably to the children’s living costs and that each child has the financial support they deserve from both parents.


Walking into a marriage thinking about the possibility of divorce isn’t a very romantic notion. However, protecting your assets and your future is essential.

That’s why a family law attorney in this practice area can help walk clients through the process of drafting and signing prenuptial agreements and reviewing them for enforcement should the marriage end.

Post-judgment Modifications

After the divorce settlement agreement is finalized, the child support order is issued, or the alimony order is in effect, clients can usually sigh in relief.

However, the legal issues don’t always end there.

Suppose a modification is needed for a past court order due to specific life changes or other factors. In that case, a family law attorney can help clients navigate the process of post-judgment modifications.

Refer to an Expert Miami Family Lawyer Today

If you’re a Miami attorney that doesn’t practice family law—or only focuses on a narrow facet of it—you can still help your client with their legal issue through our referral relationships program.

Refer them to an expert in the divorce and family law practice areas, and we can work together to find a legal solution to their case.

Reach out today to find out how our referral program at Vasquez de Lara Law Group can help get your client the legal aid they need to move forward with their lives.

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Anxiety and stress. Fear of what’s next. Not knowing what to do. We absolutely understand what you’re going through right now is not easy.

The right legal team can give you the confidence to know you’ll get the best outcome possible.

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