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When they are searching for a divorce lawyer, Miami locals can utilize the services of the Vasquez de Lara Law Group. Dissolving a marriage can be a stressful experience, but our staff of legal professionals has the expertise, talent, and experience necessary to get you the justice and peace of mind you deserve. Our law office is the choice that makes sense for you. We offer legal assistance and representation to clients for issues regarding:

• Child visitation/custody

• Parents’ rights

• Child support

• Child or spousal support

• Property allocation

We pledge to do our best to get the best result possible in your divorce case while keeping your best interest our priority. Some attorneys don’t thoroughly listen to their client’s case, but our staff gives our personal attention and care to each detail. We’ll never make any decisions on your case without allowing our client to have the final word.

If you want a divorce lawyer that will fight for you at all costs, we’ll be your staunch supporter both in and out of the courtroom. We also have initial consultations available, so you can thoroughly explain your situation and get legal advice that will give you insights on how to best proceed.

If you have a divorce case that is disrupting your peace of mind, and you need the assistance of a divorce lawyer, Miami-Dade area residents shouldn’t hesitate to contact us.

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