Heather Morales



Having come from a family with lawyers, Mrs. Morales has been involved with law firms since the age of 16. Starting her full-time career as a Paralegal at the age of 20, Mrs. Morales began her journey working for a worker’s compensation firm, quickly rising in rank to Senior Paralegal within 1 year. 

Wanting to diversify into other areas of law, she began her next adventure in a real estate litigation firm as a Senior Paralegal and Office Manager where Heather was assisting with and overseeing multi-million dollar condominium disputes.

Later down the road, and thirsty for more knowledge, she took on being her own boss as a Contract Paralegal, working with several Attorneys in the areas of immigration, criminal defense, personal injury, criminal appeals, probate, and her absolute favorite, family law. In fact, that is how she met Attorney Vasquez de Lara and found her professional home as a Senior Paralegal and Office Manager. 

Now, after more than 13 years of experience and with quite a few stories to tell, Mrs. Morales continues to achieve great goals and loves to know that her work, and this firm’s work, is helping families better their lives with the justice they so rightfully deserve.