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Guardianship Tasks We Handle For You

  • Determination of Incapacity;
  • Establishment of a Guardianship;
  • Annual Management of the Guardianship;
  • Filing of all required reports;
  • Filing all required Petitions and Motions;
  • Litigation of Guardianship and Mental Health Matters.


Reasons for Establishing Legal Guardianship 

  • Parent has dementia, Alzheimer’s or other incapacitating condition;
  • Loved one unable to manage his/her affairs (medical, financial, etc.);
  • Minors are to receive assets (life insurance, inheritance, proceeds from a settlement, etc.);
  • A disabled minor reaches age of majority.


About Legal Guardianship

A guardianship may be necessary for a variety of reasons.  Some reasons include: (1) when a loved one becomes incapacitated through mental health issues, (2) when a loved one has a debilitating injury or condition, (3) when a minor child receives an inheritance, or (4) when a minor receives proceeds from a settlement.

In Florida, an attorney must represent the guardian seeking the guardianship.  This process requires a determination of incapacity through an evaluation by a three member examining committee and the appointment of a guardian.

Guardianship is designed to protect the rights and welfare of incapacitated persons and to safeguard their assets.  It can be a complicated process that is best performed by an experienced attorney.  Contact us to tell us about your situation.

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