Has Life Changed Since Your Divorce [or Family Law Case] was settled?

Do You Need to Change Your Child Support, Time Sharing Arrangement, or Alimony Payments?

You Need a Post-Judgement Modification, and We Can Help


Why You Might Need a Post-Judgement Modification

  • Your job or income has changed
  • Your Ex-Partner’s job or income has changed
  • Your children’s expenses have changed (school activities, for example)
  • You have to move in the near future
  • Your Ex-Spouse has moved or is planning to move without your permission
  • Your living situation has changed and you now qualify for more time-sharing/joint custody

The Judge Settled Your Divorce Based on Your Circumstances at That Time

  • If your circumstances have changed, so can your divorce settlement or final judgment
  • You may need to be paid more
  • You may need to pay less
  • You may want more time with your kids
  • You kids may need less time with your Ex-Partner



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  • Emergency Family Law Matters are Accepted and Handled Quickly
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Aspects Of Post Judgement We Assist You With

Depending on whether children are involved or not, additional aspects of Post-Judgement Modification include the list below. Be confident in knowing that we will never make any decisions on your case without ensuring you, our client, have the final word.

  • Preparing motions and petitions to put your best foot forward in court.
  • Attend mediation and final hearings with you, prepared to fight for you.
  • Advise on all aspects of your case to ensure the best strategy is used in court.

About The Post-Judgement Modification Process

The following are steps in the Post-Judgement process. Some of these steps are not necessary in more simple and uncontested cases while all the steps may be taken in more contentious cases.

  • Preparing to File for Post-Judgement
  • Filing for Post Judgement
  • Preparing all financial documents which must be provided and and requesting all the documents from the other side
  • Attend mediation and court hearings



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Questions? Schedule a Free Case Evaluation Now


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