Lidice Ramirez – Paralegal

Having been born in Cuba and migrating to Miami, Florida as a nine-year-old child, Lidice has been equipped with the fortitude and drive to better her life and the lives around her. Starting her adult career by opening her own Mortgage Company and assisting her community with fulfilling their dreams of becoming homeowners, Lidice really dove into her desire to help people. Unfortunately, due to the real estate crash in 2008, Lidice was forced to close the doors to her business. Because of this unfortunate event, Lidice was able to find the positivity in it, by being able to take the time to focus on her family and be more involved in her children’s schooling. But never having lost her drive to help others, Lidice began looking for other ways to fulfill this deep-rooted desire and need to be productive within the community.

That is when Lidice found her new calling as a paralegal specializing in Probate Law and has been doing so since 2009. Now with 10 years of experience, Lidice has helped hundreds of families in their darkest time, to bring comfort and ease during their times of loss. Having never been interested in law, Lidice was surprised to have found a deep love and satisfaction within legal law and cannot imagine doing anything else.