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Co-Parenting and Remarriage: What it Means for Your Expanding Family

Expanding your family after a second marriage comes with plenty of joy, but it’s not without its challenges for you, your ex, your new spouse, and certainly your kids.

For divorced families with kids, of importance of learning how to effectively co-parent [link to June post] cannot be understated. Studies suggest that kids whose divorced parents work amicably together have better socio and emotional health outcomes as well as stronger relationships with both parents individually.

So yes, it’s important, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Add a new spouse to the mix for either (or both!) partners and suddenly three or four parental figures are in the mix. With changing family dynamics and a potentially contentious past, how can you and your ex move forward co-parenting in a healthy way while also embracing the dynamics of a newly blended family?

Keys to Co-Parenting after Remarriage

  • Keep your kids first – Don’t let past squabbles get in the way of doing what’s best for your children.
  • Communicate with each other and your children – Maintaining open communication with your ex is key to maintaining consistency as well as avoiding any potential mishaps, like miscommunication about who is picking up your child from soccer practice. Moreover, continue talking to your children about how they are feeling, including talking to them about your second marriage [link to previous blog].
  • Respect boundaries – You and your ex are entitled to your rights and responsibilities in regards to raising your children, and that includes spending quality time as outlined in your timesharing plan. Step-parents can, and should, play an important role in your kids’ lives too but they should be respectful of the role each parent plays.
  • Maintain consistency – With children sharing time between two households, consistency surrounding things like household rules and expectations is important. It helps provide stability for your kids and avoid potential arguments with your ex down the road.

Co-parenting after remarriage can pose new challenges for each member of the family, but by keeping your kids’ best interests front and center, you’ll be in a better position to navigate the sometimes turbulent conversations you’ll undoubtedly have with your ex.

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