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11Dear Vanessa: Can I Vaccinate My Kid Even Though My Ex Doesn't Want To?
  When couples are married, either parent may be able to make decisions about healthcare without necessarily getting approval of the other parent....
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11Finding Joy After Divorce and Rediscovering Yourself
Divorce is one of those significant life events none of us plans on going through. While intellectually we know we’ll make it through...
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11How to Enforce Child Support after a Positive Paternity Test
  Child support is the legal obligation of every parent in Florida, per Florida Statute §61.29. However, parenthood – and specifically paternity –...
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11Is Filing for a Post-Judgment Modification Worth Your Time, Stress or Money?
  It’s rare to find divorced couples jumping at the opportunity to head back to court. It’s time-consuming, stressful, and (depending on multiple...
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11Dr. Lopez Headshot
Dr. Gisell Lopez, Licensed Clinical Psychologist Are you feeling lost after your divorce? Are you struggling to figure out how to move on...
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