Can the child support be sent to my sons instead of their mom?

No, The payments are for back support which means that it is for child support that should have been paid while the children were minors, but was not paid. This means that she spent her money or went into debt while the children were minors in order to care for them because she was not receiving the ordered child support from you at the time. Since this is a debt owed to mom, it cannot be paid to your sons unless she Read More

I just got served with a modification petition for increased child support, can I at the same time ask for more timesharing?

You would need to file your own Petition for Modification of Final Judgment in order to modify the time sharing arrangement that you currently have and that new arrangement being taken into consideration with regards to child support. Without you filing for modification, the court will simply recalculate child support based on the current income of both parties, including income from her inheritance, and the time Read More

Is the judge likely to grant a modification to lower the support payment amount?

The child support the is currently paying is pretty minimal, so I doubt he'll be able to get it lowered. You should consult with Child Support Enforcement in your area though as they provide free legal services for child support cases. Read More