Understanding Powers of Attorney

When most people think about estate planning, their minds automatically jump to the last will and testament. There is no doubt that wills are vital planning tools, but there are certain things which a will simply does not accomplish. Wills do not allow you to leave certain types of property such as life insurance or pension proceeds for which you have named a beneficiary. They are usually not helpful for leaving Read More

Who Gets The House? A Brief Guide to Florida Intestate Succession

When a person dies without leaving a will, their estate is known as “intestate.” When an estate enters intestacy, there can be a lot of challenging questions about who should be entitled to what. Of course, if the sum of the estate is not greater than the debts and liabilities owed by the decedent at the time of his or her death, then intestate succession is moot as there will be no property left to inherit. Read More

6 Situations When You Should Update Your Will

It is a huge risk to neglect creating a will, but it is also a problem if you think you can just “set it and forget it.” Your estate plans, and your will in particular, should be treated as a living document that you update and change as the circumstances of your life change. If you create a will but you never update it, it may be completely irrelevant by the time your personal representative actually has to Read More

Why Would You Need To Establish A Guardianship?

Thanks to Hollywood, the term “guardian” may now conjure up images of superheroes flying through the galaxy, protecting it from villains, but real guardians here on Earth are no less special or important to those whom they watch over. In the US, a guardianship is a legal designation giving a person authority over another person’s care and property interests. They are required to fulfill the duties that correspond Read More

Five Tough Estate Planning Questions That You Need to Answer

It’s never “fun” to write a will or estate plan, but there are few things you can do that are more helpful to your loved ones. When we really get down to the nitty-gritty, there are almost always questions we’d rather ignore. A really good estate plan, however, will take the answers to these questions into account, even difficult questions like these: 1. What happens if the whole family dies at the same time? Of Read More

It’s Never Too Early to Begin: Estate Planning Tips for Young Adults

When you’re young and healthy, estate planning is likely the farthest thing from your mind. But you are never too young to start planning, especially if you have people in your life you need to take care of. If you can create an estate plan that involves disability planning as well as planning for death, you’ve gone a long way toward protecting the people who are most important to you and protecting yourself too. You Read More

Estate Planning: Three Benefits of a Living Trust

A living trust can be a valuable estate planning tool for many people. A revocable living trust designates someone to be responsible for the management of your property. A trust fund usually has three designated roles: the creator, who is usually the person the trust is written for; a trustee, which would also be the person the trust is written for as long as he/she is still living; and the beneficiaries. The trust Read More

Miami Estate Planning: Getting Started with Your Will

There are lots of things we tend to avoid. Going to the dentist. This year’s flu shot. In a list of things we keep putting off, writing a will probably even ranks ahead of going to the dentist. We all know we should do it, but we keep telling ourselves we can do it next month or next year. All this procrastination can have unfortunate consequences. If you die without a will, who inherits your property is probably Read More

Miami Estate Planning: Four Important Issues to Consider

Estate planning is the process of arranging your affairs to preserve your assets and transfer them after your death to all designated heirs, whether they are friends, family, or even a favored charity. It can be a complicated undertaking, given the shifting federal tax laws, but once you take certain issues into account and decide accordingly, estate planning becomes easier. Here are four important issues that need Read More

Secure Your Future: Five Costly Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Estate planning is challenging. The stakes are high and the process can be intimidating - particularly if you don’t have legal guidance you can depend on. In this blog entry we are going to highlight five common mistakes that many people make while planning their estate, and how to avoid them. 1. Keeping It a Secret Many people think that they should keep their will or other estate planning documents a secret from Read More