Going Through Divorce? Here are Five Mistakes to Avoid

A divorce is stressful in the best of circumstances. Your financial and emotional future hangs in the balance, as the terms of the divorce settlement will often impact your life for decades to come. In order to help the process go as smoothly as possible, and to give yourself the best chance of obtaining a favorable settlement, here are five common mistakes to avoid: Losing your cool in public. Writing nasty or even Read More

Leave Your Legacy: Five Commons Questions Regarding Wills and Probate

Most adults know that they need a will - but many people don’t understand how to go about creating one, and therefore they keep putting it off. In order to help you secure your legacy, in this blog entry we are going to answer five common questions relating to wills and probate. 1. Who needs a will? If you have any significant assets at all, or if you have minor children, you need a will. In general, everyone should Read More

Help! My Ex Isn’t Paying Child Support!

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for an ex-spouse or estranged parent to stop making their child support payments. If you’re struggling to pay all the expenses for your kids, the child support your ex owes you can make a big difference. How can you collect the money that you’re supposed to have to help provide your kids with the things they need? If you’re having difficulty getting payments from your ex, I highly Read More

Filing for Divorce? Here Are Four Important Ways to Protect Yourself Financially

Divorce can be overwhelming, and certainly the financial complexity of most divorces can add to the feeling of “too many decisions and too little time.” If you think there might be a divorce in your future, it’s important to start thinking about protecting yourself financially. These are some things you can do right now to make your financial future more secure. If you don’t have a financial identity separate from Read More

Preparing for Divorce? Here are Five Steps to Take Immediately

If you’ve decided that you are going to pursue divorce, it’s important that you take immediate steps to secure your future. The process of divorce can be long, complicated, and contentious - so it’s important that you take steps today to ensure the best possible outcome. Below are several steps that I recommend in most cases - but please contact me immediately if you’d like to discuss your case further! Get a post Read More

Estate Planning 101: “What Happens If I Don’t Leave a Will?”

Roman Blum’s death last year in New York left everyone in a quandary. The Holocaust survivor was a widower, had no children, and left an estate worth almost $40 million. Investigators are searching for relatives in Poland. If no one is found, the money will probably go to New York’s office of unclaimed funds, which has accumulated $12 billion since 1943. Exactly what will happen to your estate if you die without a Read More

Florida Divorce: What Is a Simplified Dissolution?

There are two options for divorce in Florida: regular dissolution of marriage and simplified dissolution. Simplified dissolution can be simpler and less expensive than regular dissolution, though there are qualifications that have to be met. In this blog entry, we’re going to break down these conditions and walk through the process. In order to qualify for a simplified dissolution... Either you or your spouse (or Read More

Florida Divorce Basics: Understanding the Process

Divorce is never a fun process, but for many people it represents an opportunity to leave a difficult past behind and move on to a brighter future. Because it can be a complicated legal process, and because it may have repercussions on your life for years to come, it can be very intimidating. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at some of the basics. If you’re contemplating divorce, we highly recommend that Read More

Florida Child Support: Understanding The Basics

Are you and your significant other splitting up? If you have children, you’re probably wondering what the financial implications will be. We understand how stressful and emotionally turbulent this process can be, and to help provide some clarity, in this blog entry we are going to break down the basics of the child support system here in Florida. If there is anything we can do to help you through this challenging Read More

How to Choose a Family Attorney

The hiring of an attorney is a difficult decision, made harder by the fact that if you need a family attorney you are going through a difficult time in your life. This guide is meant to help you find the attorney that is best suited to handle your family law case. 1 Consider whether you need an attorney Many family law cases come about because the parties involved stop communicating. Although a majority of family Read More