5 Factors to Consider When Naming a Guardian in Your Will

If you have minor children, it seems natural to assume that your spouse or the children's other parent will be there to take care of them in the event of your death. But what if you are a single parent or if you both die before the children reach adulthood? The hard truth is, every time you step into a vehicle with your partner this is a realistic possibility. Who will step into the role of caregiver if the Read More

Adjusting To Life Without Your Spouse’s Income

Getting a divorce will change a great many things about your life, but your finances will probably be one of the biggest. You have likely spent most of your marriage becoming used to a certain lifestyle based on your spouse’s income, whether it was combined with your own or you had no personal income to speak of. Adjusting to the removal of your spouse’s income from your life can be a difficult proposition. You may Read More

The 3 Keys to Financial Divorce Preparation

If you ask just about anyone who has been through the divorce process, they will likely tell you that ending your marriage is not cheap. Getting divorced is very likely to put a serious financial strain on your life, and it is vital that you appropriately prepare. It’s simple economics, really. Your expenses will increase as a result of the costs inherent in the legal dissolution process (court fees, attorney fees, Read More

6 Things Divorcing Couples Should Know About Florida Property Division

One of the most significant issues in any divorce is deciding who gets to keep what. Who gets the house? Who gets the car? Most married couples accumulate a wide variety of assets during their lives together, and it can be extremely difficult to figure out how to divide that property between them. Disputes over the division of property can lead to a severely contentious divorce, and it is vital that any couple Read More

Understanding Powers of Attorney

When most people think about estate planning, their minds automatically jump to the last will and testament. There is no doubt that wills are vital planning tools, but there are certain things which a will simply does not accomplish. Wills do not allow you to leave certain types of property such as life insurance or pension proceeds for which you have named a beneficiary. They are usually not helpful for leaving Read More

Who Gets The House? A Brief Guide to Florida Intestate Succession

When a person dies without leaving a will, their estate is known as “intestate.” When an estate enters intestacy, there can be a lot of challenging questions about who should be entitled to what. Of course, if the sum of the estate is not greater than the debts and liabilities owed by the decedent at the time of his or her death, then intestate succession is moot as there will be no property left to inherit. Read More

Are You Prepared? The Three Major Facets of Personal Divorce Readiness

When the end of your marriage is imminent, the road ahead can seem incredibly overwhelming. Throughout your life you probably never imagined having to prepare yourself for a divorce, much less educate yourself on the specific steps you need to take in advance of divorce proceedings. Few people are ever truly ready for the rigors of a complex or particularly contentious divorce, but effective preparation can Read More

Florida Divorce: 6 Benefits of Signing a Marital Settlement Agreement

When a couple in Florida seeks to get a divorce, they have the option to create and sign a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA). This contract details specific terms and conditions of the divorce settlement. The provisions detailed within the MSA will vary from couple to couple based on their circumstances, however it will usually include any division of assets, division of debts, any support obligations (financial or Read More

Florida Family Law: 5 Ways to Establish Paternity

In the legal sense, paternity is the official establishment of the father of a child, which includes all the legal rights and responsibilities intrinsic to fatherhood. With the possible exception of rare and unusual surrogacy situations, there is almost never a need to establish maternity or motherhood of a child since it is usually quite clear who the mother is due to the nature of birth. Paternity can be much more Read More

How to Spot the Signs of Child Neglect

Every year, hundreds of thousands of children in the United States struggle with physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, psychological maltreatment, or a combination of two or more of these abuses at the hands of their parents or caregivers. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families (ACF), 679,000 children were victims of maltreatment in 2013, with nearly Read More