5 Important Responsibilities of a Guardian

In Florida, when a loved one requires a legal guardian to help take care of them and make decisions on their behalf, the courts can appoint someone to take on this role. A court-appointed guardian can be for either a minor whose parents are unable to provide the care they need, or for an adult who has some type of disability where they cannot care for themselves. Once you’ve been named the legal guardian, you will Read More

Understanding Postnuptial Agreements

Most people are familiar with a prenuptial agreement, which helps to protect the assets of one party when getting ready to get married. Postnuptial agreements serve a similar purpose, but are written and agreed to after the marriage has already taken place. This type of agreement is becoming more and more popular today due to the excellent protections it can provide. This type of agreement will decide how a Read More

5 Steps You Need to Take in Order to Establish a Guardianship in Florida

By: Samah Abukhodeir, Esq. If you need to establish a guardianship for either a minor child, or for an adult who is unable to take care of themselves due to some physical or mental condition, it is important to understand what legal steps need to be taken. When this type of action is needed, it is often an urgent situation, so in some cases, you’ll be going through these steps quite quickly. Knowing what to Read More

How Is Alimony Determined in Florida?

In generations past, alimony (also called maintenance or spousal support) was an amount of money that the husband would have to pay the wife after a divorce because of the common law understanding that it was the husband’s responsibility to provide for the wife. Since most women at the time did not work outside the home, this was necessary. Today, however, alimony can be paid by either the husband or the wife Read More

5 Civil Injunctions Which Protect Victims of Abuse in Florida

There is an epidemic of abuse sweeping across the United States. Millions are affected every year, and it is essential that every method that can be used to protect victims and potential victims is utilized. Fortunately, in Florida there are a number of different types of civil injunctions that can be used to protect victims from their abusers or would-be abusers. Better known as restraining orders, these court Read More

Adjusting To Life Without Your Spouse’s Income

Getting a divorce will change a great many things about your life, but your finances will probably be one of the biggest. You have likely spent most of your marriage becoming used to a certain lifestyle based on your spouse’s income, whether it was combined with your own or you had no personal income to speak of. Adjusting to the removal of your spouse’s income from your life can be a difficult proposition. You may Read More

Florida Divorce: 6 Benefits of Signing a Marital Settlement Agreement

When a couple in Florida seeks to get a divorce, they have the option to create and sign a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA). This contract details specific terms and conditions of the divorce settlement. The provisions detailed within the MSA will vary from couple to couple based on their circumstances, however it will usually include any division of assets, division of debts, any support obligations (financial or Read More

5 Tips for Newly Single Parents, Part I

There is no way around it—divorce means change. And if you are getting a divorce, that change is probably for the best, but that doesn’t mean it is always easy. You will have to learn and relearn to do things with a level of independence you probably have not had for some time. This is especially true for parents. The degree of independence you will have in raising your children after a divorce varies from couple to Read More

How a DUI Charge Can Impact Your Family Law Case – Part 2

As we discussed last month, if you are charged with a DUI, it can throw a very significant wrench into your family law case and be a devastating blow to your chances of achieving things like shared responsibility or custody over your children. But what if the shoe was on the other foot? What happens if you are involved in a child custody battle or some other family law dispute and the OTHER parent has drinking issues Read More

Making Sense of the Probate Process: Five Common Questions and Answers

Going through probate can be a time consuming and expensive process.  When you are planning out your estate, it is important to have a good understanding of what probate is, and how it will impact your loved ones after you’re gone.  This can help you to make smart decisions in your will that will help make the entire process as simple as possible. The following five common questions will help you to get a good Read More