Grab 2018 by the Horns: 5 Ways to Get Your Life Back on Track After a Divorce

If you went through a divorce in 2017, or are currently in the middle of a divorce, it can be hard to have a positive outlook on the immediate future. The fact is, however, that millions of people have described the years following a divorce as some of the best in their life. Finding effective ways to thrive after a divorce is critical, and the following ideas can help get your 2018 off on the right track. Take Read More

4 Reasons Why NOW is the Time to Update or Get Started on Your Estate Planning!

Millions of people still haven’t started, or updated their estate plans. While it can be tempting to just keep putting it off because you feel like it isn’t the highest priority, there are some compelling reasons why it makes more sense to take care of it before the new year hits. You Never Know When it is Needed While it may sound grim, the reality is none of us know when our time will come. If you keep Read More

Florida Family Law 101: The Difference Between Contested and Uncontested Divorce

Once everything is said and done in a divorce, two people who have been sharing everything through their marriage will be legally separated. This can often be a complex and difficult process. In the state of Florida, there are two options available: uncontested and contested divorce. Take some time to learn the basics about each of these options to see which one is right for your unique situation. What is an Read More

Why Medicaid Planning Should be Part of Your Estate Planning

When it comes to planning for the future, there are many things that need to be considered.  For many people, they may need an estate plan to help ensure the assets that they have built up over the years will not only be there for them throughout retirement, but also so they can leave something for their loved ones.  There are many aspects you can take care of during drafting your estate planning, but one thing that Read More

5 Tips on Parenting After a Divorce

When a divorce has been finalized, many people expect to experience a major sense of relief and even happiness. While this can occur sometimes, it is quite common for newly divorced parents to be left with more questions than answers. The most important question is how to help yourself heal, while providing the children with the love and support they need from you. The following five tips on parenting after a divorce Read More

What a Will Can and Can’t Do

Having a last will and testament is extremely important for ensuring your belongings go to the people you intended your belongings to go to when you pass away, among many other things. When it comes to estate planning, a will is a very important first step, but it is certainly not the only step that needs to be taken in most situations. Understanding what a will can and can’t do is important when engaging in estate Read More

Guest Post: Transfer of Copyright Ownership and Rights

By: Michele G. Moss, Esquire Johnson Moss L.L.C. One of the purposes of creating a will is to identify the assets you have that you want to pass on to your loved ones.  We are usually concerned with identifying all of our tangible physical assets, including personal property, bank accounts, and real estate to make sure that these assets are bequeathed according to our wishes.  However, most of us don’t think Read More

4 Key Situations Where You May Need to Modify Your Original Divorce Agreement

Whether your divorce is difficult or relatively easy, it is always a relief to finally get your divorce order from the courts, and finally be done with it. While an original divorce agreement will likely establish the terms for quite some time going forward, there are situations where it will be necessary to make adjustments. Fortunately, modifying your original divorce agreement is not nearly as difficult as getting Read More

5 Important Responsibilities of a Guardian

In Florida, when a loved one requires a legal guardian to help take care of them and make decisions on their behalf, the courts can appoint someone to take on this role. A court-appointed guardian can be for either a minor whose parents are unable to provide the care they need, or for an adult who has some type of disability where they cannot care for themselves. Once you’ve been named the legal guardian, you will Read More

Understanding Postnuptial Agreements

Most people are familiar with a prenuptial agreement, which helps to protect the assets of one party when getting ready to get married. Postnuptial agreements serve a similar purpose, but are written and agreed to after the marriage has already taken place. This type of agreement is becoming more and more popular today due to the excellent protections it can provide. This type of agreement will decide how a Read More